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UI / UX Design



Case study


Our customer approached us with an already award-winning idea: the vision of an application via which users can request appointments with various service providers - from doctors to plumbers. Despite the recognition the idea had already received, the task now was to put it into practice effectively and quickly. Our approach aimed to develop a lean, yet powerful concept to gain a timely foothold in the market and collect valuable feedback from end users.


We followed a clear strategy: initially outline the essential features of the product and then create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This was to ensure that we targeted our resources and did not invest in features whose added value had not yet been clearly validated. Among the key features we included not only the booking option, but also the implementation of calendar synchronization and the option for users to view diverse profiles and design their own profiles.



Once the core features were defined, we focused intensively on the design and technical implementation. Our approach had the clear advantage that, based on positive market reactions and authentic user feedback, advanced features could be integrated in future iterations. This approach significantly reduced the risk of investing resources in aspects that might not achieve the intended market success.

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