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UI / UX Design



Case study


BeatMe" focuses on diversity and the ambition of each individual. The app offers a wide range of challenges, from traditional fitness exercises, to endurance sports and e-sports, to self-improvement challenges like collecting 10,000 steps a day. While a basic selection is given, BeatMe encourages its users to create their own challenges and share them with the community.


A key concern with online competitions is integrity assurance to prevent tampering with entries. Our solution? A flexible approach that lets the challenge creator decide whether a photo, live video, or data from a smartwatch or smartphone is required as proof, or relies on trust.


Gamification plays a crucial role in BeatMe. Through a sophisticated ranking system and an embedded betting system, BeatMe transforms the competition into a social and motivating experience. Users can increase their skills and track their progress in a fun way.

At the heart of BeatMe is the interactive platform where members can compete in various disciplines, be it individual or group challenges. After creating a challenge within the app, others can join or be invited (participant management) and submit their attempts, which are checked for accuracy depending on the settings defined.


The social dimension of BeatMe allows users to discover other members and network, strengthening community ties. It's more than just an app - it's a community that celebrates the pursuit of the best version of oneself.

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